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iconInvestment Expertise

The best investment strategies put together by the best minds, our Fund Managers. With a sharp eye to monitor, gauge and understand the changes in the market, our fund managers and analysts gear up to meet new challenging environments. Their ability to capture the growth potential of Indian securities and manage complex portfolios as well as the drive to deliver optimum results is their forte. With superior securities selection, incisive research, intensive coverage including internal forecasts, active monitoring and regular tracking, our dedicated team ensures minimization of risks while protecting our investor's interest. Always.​

iconInvestment Philosophy

Growth Through Innovation

Our expert team of experienced and market savvy researchers prepare comprehensive analytical and informative reports on diverse sectors and identify stocks that promise high performance in the future.

What is innovation? Innovation is the process of turning ideas into concrete plans for progressive growth. We always seek to provide our investors with opportunities for progressive growth through our innovative products, superior stock selection and active portfolio management. Accordingly, we also enhance and optimize asset allocation and stock selection based on internal and external research.

iconOptimal Risk Management

Risk Management is an inherent part of any business. As one of the core focus areas, each of our strategies is subject to close scrutiny on a continuous basis. Regulatory agencies around the world are placing increasing pressure on institutions to measure and manage risk better. At SBI Funds Management, we follow enterprise wide approach to risk management with a dedicated, experienced and professional risk management team covering significant functions of the organization.

iconInvestment Objective

Setting Benchmarks Time And Again. For Our Investors

Our objective is to endeavor to outperform our benchmarks through well researched investments in Indian equities. This is achieved by implementing an active management style based on fundamental analysis, leading to the construction of a portfolio. It could be blended, large cap, mid cap, or specific sector oriented - which aims at capturing the growth potential of Indian equities.​​